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Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.07) Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.07)

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M.S.A.: Fluttertime! M.S.A.: Fluttertime!

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I'm a furry, always will be, but...

*Sees Fluttershy*

OH YA! *Stays in chair with minor nosebleed*

*Sees Rainbow Dash*

OH FUCK YA! *Has another nosebleed and falls from chair*

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MrPinkuGame: LPI MrPinkuGame: LPI

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Very, very interesting, but with playing the game myself and looking at what others have wrote I'll put what I've found here so that maybe your walk through can be complete.

First Mission:

Four Leaf clovers are three instances left.

Flowers are five instances left.

Mud is four instances right.

Pig Shit is up one instance where the path forks to go up the path, and go three instances left. If you go further to the well, you can find a dirty video, not sure about that being in there.

To get the Nasty Fruits you have to pick Alf to talk to the farm girl who tells you to talk to the cabin girl who will give then give you the fruit to complete the mission.

A cut scene goes to everyone going to talk to Alf's grandmother, where she tells them that what they collected was a great potion, but it's not for war paint. She tells them to use the real mud in the cave where she lives, but asks Alf to stay.

Now, as for getting further in the game with Feeding Snatch, I don't know where to find the three paint balls when you talk or where to get Alf, as he is no longer in the cave when I go look for him.

The farmer girl is bent over the well and there is nothing to do except click on her, where Snatch wishes that she fell into the well. Interesting girl that you've made, but does she really need such a large head like Arnold does in Hey Arnold! ? Not that it needs to be worked on, but just curious.

Looked around again after that, the van is still closed, the outhouse is closed, the pig pen is closed, and the farmer girls house is closed. After that I'm still wondering about, looking for anything that I might have missed, and so far it looks like nothing is coming up. The arrows could possibly be made larger or you could press the space bar so that those lazy enough don't have to click the arrows. Artwork is good, music is okay after awhile maybe put in different music after each mission? Also, the music keeps coming on even after I "mute" it, so maybe change that as well.

But anyways, keep working on it, love it so far.

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MrPinku responds:

Thanks to help other players.
There was a bug in the game that's why you cannot access the next scene with Snitch, now just go to speak to the cabin girl. For other parts with nothing, it's normal, I did not insert the scene in the game yet, it is just a WIP Beta.

And I love Snitch big head :)

Justins Mind Justins Mind

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My real name is Justin...

One Chance One Chance

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ahhhhhhhh wow

this game isn't suppose to be a replay i mean come on one chance that's it, in real life we don't get a second or third chance. This is based off reality and I thought you captured it very well, along with the music and the way people would react. Thank you for this experience it's .................... refreshing.

Gretel and Hansel Gretel and Hansel

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I like it

this is a very good game since I am PC gamer, anyways what ive played so far is good, the textyre to it is awesome along with the animation and audio.