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Hmm.. What to put, what to put.. -Looks into his closet and starts pulling out random things while humming to himself.-

"What are you doing?" 

"Hmm? Oh, just looking to put something on since I keep missing so much with life."

"What about putting on another review?"

"Well I do have that one my TheFabs.."

"Then why haven't you put it up?"

"Err.... I don't know.." Shrugs his shoulders.

Sighing she shook her head. "As your A.I. it is my appointed duty to make sure that you are to give at least something to your audience.."

"I know, I know.. I just keep forgetting is all.."

"Fine, then I will put up this link here..."

"Hold on.."

(User Straydog has been blocked from making any corrections.)

"Hey! Come on Samus! Don't do this!"

User: Samus
Password: ********

Thank you User Samus, all commands have been rerouted through you.

Finally, now, while my creator has been locked out for the time being, I present to you TheFabs interview which he has been forgetting time and time again, please allow me to also apologize for his lack in postings. He has many things which distract him from his original goals. -Samus. 

1. You make such great work, what inspired you to create Unfortunate Girl? 

Thank you! I think I first got the urge to animate when I discovered David Firth on Newgrounds. My first couple animations were just David Firth imitations that featured horrible drawings and totally weren't original at all, and I've since removed those from Newgrounds because they were horrendous! But that's what originally sparked my interest in making cartoons. Later down the road, I decided to try and write more of an original story that I could stretch out and make into episodes, and that ended up being my 'Unfortunate Girl' story. Around the time I started writing the story, I was simultaneously getting super inspired artistically by shows like Avatar and Jigoku Shoujo, and games like Silent Hill. Though, my art didn't reflect my inspirations in the first interactions of Unfortunate Girl because it took me years to actually learn to 'draw'. So YEAH, at first I wanted to make weird wacky stuff like David Firth but my inspirations quickly shifted.

2. I love you guitar work, what made you want to go with it?

 I studied percussion for 8 years and played drums in a really crappy band, but I always thought the stuff the guitarists were doing was super interesting and it made me really want to learn. I got my bud to teach my some simple guitar stuff and I went from there learning by myself. Eventually I bought like 6 different string instruments so I could add little interesting sounds here and there in my soundtracks, though I'm not very good at any of them except for guitar!

3. What is your favorite thing ever? 

Creepy things have just always been my most favorite thing ever, I dunno. I love scary movies/shows/games/books and I'll be darned if I don't include my favorite thing ever in my own story! It's gotta have some scary stuff to it or I won't stay motivated.

4. If you can say anything on you your doing next, what would it be? 

 Well, as for Unfortunate Girl, I can say that I have some super big stuff planned for the next episode and I can't wait to start putting all my time into it, but YEAH, I'm working on The Finger Eater right now and it's really fun. I'm doing a lot of kinda experimental stuff, and of course, it's gonna be very creepy.
If I had to pick one word to describe what Finger Eater is about, I suppose it would be "Sacrifice"

5. Would you consider doing a commission for me? 

I've actually been considering commissions lately, so I guess with this question, I'll turn that switch on. Sure, I could do a commission for you!

6. What would you say to those who want to make a dream come true? 

 Well, you only have one life to live, and if you truly enjoy creating art and music, I say set high goals for yourself in those areas. Keep doing it until it could become your job, because we should never settle for a crappy part time/full time job that we hate. We should earn our money doing what we really love, and that possibility will never be available if you give up on your dream. That sounds so cheesy but hey, what can ya do. Also, the mere idea that I have even 1 fan on this earth is the coolest feeling in the world, and you get fans by sticking with something and not giving it up!
Thanks for the questions!

Please look at the latest video and consider supporting their work. Thank you have a pleasant day or night. -Samus. 

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