2013-05-11 18:22:35 by StrayDg

Why does every single time I get sick I miss some great event!? Why!? It's just not fair... On the other hand I learned that I can drink five monsters, and four red bulls before I have to pee... So a 50/50... I guess... Also, the story I had been working on might be completed tomorrow... Forgot which one? Ya, so did I. But, it's about Blood Moon, a creepy indie game that I can no longer play due to my computer being stupid... So still sick, tired, going to have a hard work at week due to some of the people I work with going on a vacation (bastards!) other than that, it seems like I will have fun. Peace! -Straydg.

(And the picture I found is pretty nice, don't know who drew it, but I have it as my backround, so thank you for whoever drew this! I love it!)



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2013-05-11 18:56:35

Its medically proven that drinking one red bull does serious damage to your heart.

No major harm in one now and then but I think drinking that amount and more monsters is serious overkill dude O.o.
Last thing you want is to be on medice for a weak heart at the age of 30

StrayDg responds:

Aye, true enough, really don't know what I was thinking, maybe I wanted to see what I could actually handle... Or I was bored from sleeping all day, and wanted a massive heart attack? I don't know, but yes, I promise to at least make it to the age of 30 with a strong heart.