2012-12-28 01:36:24 by StrayDg

Going to be taking another long break in order to prevent me from falling off the edge and killing more than five people in the immediate vicinity. I also had a vanilla Christmas, and I expect to be crying on New Years Eve since I wanted the world to start dying from some sort of plague... My mental state isn't the best since I have work and a girlfriend and no creative drive whatsoever since Halloween... It just sort of deflated...again... So now Mary Sue I will somehow finish what I have started... Later... Right after I slice that guys head off...


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2012-12-28 02:56:43

i knnow how you feel. I just wanna keel people sumetimes too but I make flashes abut it to stope the pain :((

StrayDg responds:

Right on bro, right on.