2012-10-14 15:52:21 by StrayDg

You know when I said that my life could not get any worse? Well, I lied, I had a deep run into depression, and now all I want to do is sit around and cry and write depressing poetry... But! I will not fall into that trap again, for yes I do love black clothing but I am not an Emo, so don't judge me...At all...Please? Meh, not that I care, you can judge me all you want for I will rise above this dark and twisted cloud that encompasses my soul! FOR I AM....STRAYDOG THE WRITER OF POETRY AND SHORT STORIES!!!! If you don't get that reference then you need to see TOME, seriously, it's funny...Anyways, I have been messing around in paint again, and came up with a more solid character then before. Her name is Delliliah, and she is my creation that took over four hours to make with just a touch mouse. Now, here she is...Hope you like.



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2012-10-14 15:56:39

Dude screw depression, its lame and stupid.
I'm sick of reading of poor young kids and adults getting overly depressed and taking their own lives.
In no way am I saying you are at that stage, but I just don't want you to even entertain that idea or anything even remotely like it.

Depression is fucking stupid, you are you, you control your brain.
Next time you feel depressed just say:"Brain, shut the fuck up and lets go do something I like doing".

Ok, so no more depression, ok?
Good. :)

StrayDg responds:

Yup, no more depression. I'm good! :P


2012-10-14 16:58:40

Can i read some of your poetry please?

StrayDg responds:

Sure, here's one that I had from awhile back.

Light and Black

Must the world become black?
Every light going out from lack

To look upon this dark heart of mine
I ask myself, is it worth the time?

Should I continue to hold onto this light?
To guard and love it with all my might?

Please give me the strength to fight
For if I lose, I know I would lose my sight

Life, death, it all becomes blurred
like to many words that become slurred

This light of mine is all that I hold dear
Please, I beg of you, do not let me fear

Hold me now, I fear this blackened depth
I need you near so that I don't hold my breath


2012-10-15 12:23:04

depression or not.. people will always judge.. even if your super smart or like famous..
thats our nature.. or at least thats what has become of us!
only god can change as of i do not have that power.
if you have poetry why not post it? it might come in handy..

StrayDg responds:

Been thinking of that as well, if I do poetry what could come of it? Only way to find out is to take that leap of faith. Thank you.