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2014-02-06 13:38:33 by StrayDg

I waited a while for this interview to come back, to be honest I was about to give up and paste the story that I had been working on, based off of Beyond: Two Souls, and Nether, both games that have in their own right, a sense of death, despair, and insanity. And their own loopy things, at least they have that nice sci-fi depth that always goes good with the audience.

But to be honest, Nether doesn't really have much of a back story, while Beyond: Two Souls made my cry like a little baby, better then any movie ever, no matter what you say. And I guess, I write about things that move me, such as the two above mentioned games, but whatever, now is a good time to celebrate. As I was saying I finally done and interviewed another wonderful person, but this very talented individual who goes by the name of ZeroSnake. I've seen a few of his previous animations before, and never thought to put two and two together before I decided to do a blog like this.

From what I found out about him, is that he is both a painter and an animator, and he doesn't give up, starting to be seen in the animation community as a true pro. Here below is the review that hopefully some of you guys would like to read, also below will be a link to his NewGrounds and FaceBook account and his latest animation; please make sure to like and or follow. Also, make sure to always check in for the latest review, story or just plain video that I find to share. -Stray.  

Sorry for the delay I had an interview with AfroPunk, sure I'll give these a crack. First off I'd like to say thank you for this chance, okay here we go!

1. When did you first start to make animations?  

I realized that I wanted to make what I saw on TV as soon as I saw Dragon Ball Z on TV as a child, I started drawing shortly after that, it wasn't until high school that I decided to take my animations seriously and put away the flip books and MS paint and invest in the most popular program which was Flash CS3 at the time.

2. What made you go with your current style?  

My current style is influenced mostly by kung fu movies, action anime, and hip hop. These three things played a big role in my child hood, so my work tends to take from that a bit. For example in A!M there is record scratching in the intermissions. For ZeroSnake City [where I animate random shorts] it starts off with a record spinning and even has a character named "Bruce Lay". Fireworks is a similar case, even though I took a new route and made it a love story it featured music from Nujabes originally and now has music from DJ Okawari for its final mix.

3. What makes you work so hard on your animations and paintings?

 The biggest rule that I try to stick to is not to compare myself to other web animators; instead I compare myself to work created by a studio. Once I had that mind set my animations really took a turn and gave birth to the animated project A!M. I take my work seriously and often fall asleep when others are waking up, and post sticky notes on my Cintiq saying things like "stay on the grind" which usually gives me a smile. I try to keep myself relevant doing workshops, and galleries in my area. Usually hosting free workshops for kids, just to be a gate for them to express themselves.

4. Did you start painting first and then go into animating or visa verso?  

I actually animated before I got into painting, it was only after I returned home from living in the Middle East for a quarter of a year that I felt the urge to take my painting seriously. I became fond of political leaders like Huey P. Newton and Che Guevara so one of my first paintings was a set of three revolutionaries the connected at the soldiers. And I've been painting since, I even got the honor of being asked to paint for Mayor Segarra.

5. Could I get my own picture painted, for a light fee of course?  

Sure just commission me, I'll be happy to do it. I get the question a lot and they are fun to do so I set up an easy way to request to get work done on

6. And last but not least, what words of wisdom do you have for my readers for those looking to animate and or paint?

 The best thing I can say is have fun with it. I wouldn't be working on A!M ep.3 if I didn't love it. Also get out there, where ever there is people the stage has been set. I displayed my art in parks and street corners and it works. Anywhere can be a gallery, just be confident in your work, and remain professional. Also get to know your surroundings draw people you see, host workshops [that looks great on resumes], and know what grants are available around you; you can only gain from the experience. No one is going to make your story for you, so get cracking on turning some heads!


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